Oat Mango Pecan Muffin (No Sugar No Oil No Flour)

It’s always a special occasion when you cross your first landmark, and it has been an amazing fun ride sharing our tiny efforts towards a healthy living. A little over a month has passed since I made the move from the big apple to this beautiful sunny place with a new job, a new home, a new website and a new life..And all of this feels so worth it, when I’m just steps away from that person who helps create every corner of this place a little closer to home, who is always ready to become my guinea pig and who gives me that confidence to think about yet another new recipe. I can’t think of a better way to celebrate it than twisting one of my favorite recipes with his favorite fruit – mango!! (mine as well!!) Long way to go from here, and all along the way, we would love to just Gobble Gobble with you!!! … More Oat Mango Pecan Muffin (No Sugar No Oil No Flour)

Game Day Snack – Baked Zucchini Sticks

If you are following the NBA games, you would know what a crazy game is coming up in less than an hour! Now that I’m on the west coast, I’m kind of swayed towards the Golden State team, especially when they have had an exceptional season this year!! But let’s not get carried away indulging in some crazy snacks (we all love our chicken wings and fries!!). In my attempt to not give up fries, I tried to quickly spice up some zucchini sticks in less than half hour. So, go ahead, wear your Golden State caps and enjoy the finals. But wait…you can’t possibly forget to Gobble Gobble!! … More Game Day Snack – Baked Zucchini Sticks

SLURP SLURP – Mean Green

Here we are, back again with yet another green slurpy (it’s not really mean though), and this time I decided to show you that the boy loves the smoothies as well (in case you think, I’m making these just for the gals out there!). Although he has been a great sport (being my guinea pig..lol!) Jokes apart, I love trying different combination of fruits for my smoothies, this time I wanted to mix up some grapes and bananas, and spin it up with some spinach. As you may have noticed, I usually try blending in a source of anti-oxidant, and grapes are an excellent choice along with bananas – they make sure you get that morning kick-off energy. Together they are like a power couple for you to start your week!! So why wait, go ahead and Sluuuurp!! … More SLURP SLURP – Mean Green

Tango w/ Mango

Guess what!!! Summer is approaching real fast and what better way to celebrate than with the king of the fruits himself. Oh yes, I am talking about one of my favorite fruits in the world – mangoes. My love for mangoes go way back to my grandparent’s backyard which has many many mango trees, and every summer vacation my grand pa would introduce us to his world of home grown fruits. Mangoes have a unique freshness associated with them and adding them to a salad just quadrupled it. … More Tango w/ Mango

SLURP SLURP – Green and Minty

Say hello to our other green friend – the rusty old pal ‘kale’. I think you are now ready to add the nutritional powerhouse to your smoothies! Apart from providing us with the essential vitamins and fibers, our pal here helps fight and alleviate arthritis (that’s for you Ma!), and also keeps our body strong and healthy inside out with beautiful skin, hair and nails (I know!!). Usually I would peel my fruits for smoothies, however I would recommend against it for pears because their skin contributes to decreased risk of type 2 diabetes. I know what you are thinking!! Lots of health benefits, but does it taste equally good too! ABSOLUTELY!!!! So, shake it up and Sluuuurp!! … More SLURP SLURP – Green and Minty