Minty Lettuce Cups

I love eating healthy, but there are days when we all want to eat something fun, that isn’t a compromise for taste and is equally appealing. That’s the kind of day we had yesterday. Karan loves Indian food, and he loves black eyed peas even more. There is a spark in his eyes when he … More Minty Lettuce Cups

Man Against Nature – Cyclone Fani

The tropical cyclones are one of the most destructive natural disasters, and their impact extends over a wide area, with extremely strong winds and heavy rains. Cyclone Fani has been the most severe storm (Category-4) since decades that hit eastern India with a wind speed of 180-195 kph (111-121mph). This storm has adversely affected electricity supply and telecommunication, along with immense infrastructural damage in several coastal areas of Odisha (an east-Indian state), including my home-town – Bhubaneswar where my parents reside. … More Man Against Nature – Cyclone Fani