I was so tired of eating out when I didn’t have time after work, that one day I decided that from now on I will spend a maximum of an hour in the kitchen every evening and make something delicious and healthy. It all started with a tour to the local store and grabbing a bunch of vegetables, fruits and nuts. I ended up picking up a few vegetables and spices, checking some recipes online and twisting something up with what I had everyday. And voila!! Did I surprise myself!! It wasn’t difficult and I loved spending time in my kitchen. I felt fresh, happy and accomplished each passing day and it didn’t seem like a chore anymore. I decided not to starve myself and always have small portions, so you would notice that most of my recipes serve 1-2 people. You can always estimate it for more people. You will also notice that I love avocados so much that I try to add them to as many recipes as possible!

The juices and smoothies are an exciting win-win especially when they are so delicious and filling. I literally sip on them all morning and feel wonderful! What I love the most is to learn about the health benefits of each fruit and veggie I consume through the slurpies..

I know it all sounds super fairy taley!! Honestly, I never knew that I will have so much fun mixing and matching.

Sooooo…are we ready to GOBBLE GOBBLE some yummy healthy quickies!