Cooking opened doors to my imagination and experimentation at a very young age. Whether it was the living room discussions with my dad about opening a restaurant after his retirement, or asking my mom to be my judge for the evening or simply fixing a quick meal for my friends and family, cooking has always been about trying something new, and food, a mean to spread some love and happiness into the lives of my loved ones.

I was so tired of eating out when I didn’t have time after work, that one day I decided that from now on I will spend a maximum of an hour in the kitchen every evening and make something delicious and healthy. It all started with a tour to the local store and grabbing a bunch of vegetables, fruits and nuts. I ended up picking up a few vegetables and spices, checking some recipes online and twisting something up with what I had everyday. And voila!! Did I surprise myself!! It wasn’t difficult and I loved spending time in my kitchen. I felt fresh, happy and accomplished each passing day and it didn’t seem like a chore anymore. I decided not to starve myself and always have small portions, so you would notice that most of my recipes serve 1-2 people. You can always estimate it for more people. You will also notice that I love avocados so much that I try to add them to as many recipes as possible! The juices and smoothies are an exciting win-win especially when they are so delicious and filling. I literally sip on them all morning and feel wonderful! What I love the most is to learn about the health benefits of each fruit and veggie I consume through the slurpies..

So, here I am, yet another artsy food enthusiast sharing some simple and delicious recipes while seeking adventure through the means and greens of the world. Somewhere along the way I met this charming guy, Karan, the one who says “you nailed it” in everything I make and loves to capture every moment while I dish out something new and delicious! One thing led to another, and here we are in the sunny state, California, sharing our seasoning with the world. Sharing our love for Gobble Gobble!!