Bio – Who are we

Enjoying a beautiful sunset at Pismo Beach, California!!

They say that New York City is a dreamy city and has a funny way of bringing people together when they least expect it. When I responded to that text from him, little did I know that we will end up spending hours talking to each other on our first date, meet for brunch the day after and continue spending every weekend after that traveling to each other, between NYC and Boston. There was something special, right from the beginning that made the long-tiring weekend journeys worthwhile. Fast forward to a couple years later, and here we are walking side by side in the sunny state, California, sharing great conversations, laughs, and travel adventures. With every passing day, we discover something new about each other and realize how much more we still have to discover.

During this journey, we realized how we complement each other in many ways. Yes, we meant complement, and not complete! We strive to push one another to reach for the stars in our own ways and find a way back to enjoy the little moments of life together. Tasty Shenanigans is just another mean for us to grow my love for healthy food and staying in touch with my creative side and an outlet for Karan to keep pushing his limits to capture our lives through his lenses.

Mumbai, Mumbadevi, Bombay, the dream city – the city as diverse as the people who live in it. That’s where my story started. There was something in the city that pushed me to dream too. Right when I was finishing college I began writing for a magazine, an experience that pushed me to broaden my horizon. When the drab world of technology was not enough to fire my creative pistons, I packed my bags and made my way through the cold Michigan winters to an exciting world of Advertising. Two years, five jobs (one of which was for Ford, ironically!) and thousands of friendly meals later, I embarked on my new adventure in the Big Apple! Its people and their energy that brought back the inspiration to tinker with the veggies and those spices. When I’m not cooking, you can find me exploring my passion for digital media, playing with my pencil or brush to capture the world through my tinted glasses, learning some new moves of swing, salsa, or any dance form and always planning my next exciting trip!

From the colorful streets of New Delhi to the dreamy sparkling nights of Mumbai, I’ve always been on the quest for the unfamiliar, unconventional and the next exciting story. Growing up I was taught to embrace every uncertainty in life – that gave me the courage to leave a comfortable consulting career in Boston and dive into the challenging world of Product Management in an entirely new industry. During this transition the words that echoed in my mind were, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Throughout this journey I never parted with my adventurous side, and jumped on many travel escapades with my partner in crime. In the midst of our mundane everyday life, I enjoy taking long walks, my morning cup of coffee, engaging in interesting conversations and grabbing every opportunity to take a snapshot.