SLURP SLURP – Mean Green

Here we are, back again with yet another green slurpy (it’s not really mean though), and this time I decided to show you that the boy loves the smoothies as well (in case you think, I’m making these just for the gals out there!). Although he has been a great sport (being my guinea!) Jokes apart, I love trying different combination of fruits for my smoothies, this time I wanted to mix up some grapes and bananas, and spin it up with some spinach. As you may have noticed, I usually try blending in a source of anti-oxidant, and grapes are an excellent choice along with bananas – they make sure you get that morning kick-off energy. Together they are like a power couple for you to start your week!! So why wait, go ahead and Sluuuurp!!


1-2 big handful baby spinach
1/2 cup grapes, optionally cut into two pieces
1 banana, cut into chunks
2-3 tbsp greek vanilla yogurt
1/3 cup almond lite milk or low fat milk
1 tbsp honey, or to taste
A few ice cubes, optional


Combine all the ingredients in a blender until smoothened. Divide into two portions.

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