Zoodle Muffin

This recipe is totally dedicated to a special someone (you know who you are – thou shall not me named). She needed to include more healthy ingredients into her diet due to some serious medical reasons, and oats was one of them. Last week she asked me,’ how can I make oats fun?’, and I … More Zoodle Muffin

Super Green Soup

It’s been a while since I made a home-made soup, so I wanted to make a green and healthy soup tonight. While I was scrolling through Wendy Rowe’s – Eat Beautiful, I came across this amazing recipe for Kale Soup. I had everything at home except leeks, so I just skipped it. Such a simple … More Super Green Soup

Spicy Cod

Whenever I think of making fish, my mind always turns to salmon or shrimps now-a-days. However, if I think of my childhood days, fish reminds me of pomfret curry or pomfret fry. Dad would be the one to clean the fish and marinate it, and mom would spice it up, and they made a pretty … More Spicy Cod