About Me

Welcome to my world of interesting trial and errors!

Cooking opened doors to my imagination and experimentation at a very young age. Whether it was the living room discussions with my dad about opening a restaurant after his retirement, or asking my mom to be my judge for the evening or simply fixing a quick meal for my friends and family, cooking has always been about trying something new, and food, a mean to spread some love and happiness into the lives of my loved ones. So, here I am, yet another artsy food enthusiast sharing some simple and delicious recipes while seeking adventure through the means and greens of the world.

Sneak Peek:

Mumbai, Mumbadevi, Bombay, the dream city – the city as diverse as the people who live in it. That’s where my story started. There was something in the city that pushed me to dream too. Right when I was finishing college I began writing for a magazine, an experience that pushed me to broaden my horizon. When the drab world of technology was not enough to fire my creative pistons, I packed my bags and made my way through the cold Michigan winters to an exciting world of Advertising. Two years, five jobs (one of which was for Ford, ironically!) and thousands of friendly meals later, I embarked on my new adventure in the Big Apple, or should I say The Good Apple! Its people and their energy brought back the inspiration to tinker with the veggies and those spices! And thus started my tryst with the cuisines again. Somewhere along the way I met him, that one who says “you nailed it” in everything I make! One thing led to another, and here I am in this sunny little town of California, sharing my seasoning with the world. Sharing my love for Gobble Gobble!

When I’m not cooking, you can find me
~ Exploring new ways to reach and follow my target audience through digital media
~ Playing with my pencil to capture anything beautiful or with words
~ Learning some new moves of swing, salsa, or any dance form
~ Always finding something new to learn and enjoy because there is just too much out there to explore.

I hope you enjoy exploring and experimenting! Thanks for stopping by!

All Amazing Photo Credits: Karan Bhalla


Itishree Swain